1. He earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Harvard Business


  1. He purchased his first investment property at the age of 22 in 1985, and has been investing in real estate since then.

  2. During the current economic downturn, he and his investors have purchased over 350


  1. He has been involved in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate transactions.

  2. He has extensive speaking experience, including lecturing at the Boston University

    Graduate School of Business.

You may be the
San Bernardino, CA
Arial view of property

Purchased for $2.4 million, sold for $10 millionhttp://bankdirectforeclosures-eorg.eventbrite.com/http://bankdirectforeclosures-eorg.eventbrite.com/http://bankdirectforeclosures-eorg.eventbrite.com/

Southfield, MI

Purchased for $8,750, sold for $70,000


Chaska, MN

Purchased for $91,500, sold in less than six weeks for $139,000


Amarillo, TX

Purchased for $16,000, sold in less than a year for $98,000

Queen Creek, AZ

Purchased for $47,613, sold in less than two months for $87,000

Greg Cullen will inspire you...

                            ...to achieve your dreams!

Greg Cullen believes that we are living through an unprecedented time of opportunity.  He has been a real estate investor during the last three recessions and believes that not since the Great Depression has the opportunity to make money been so great.  Over the last several years, he has invested millions in building an infrastructure to buy, rehab and manage and/or flip properties in what he believes to be the best markets across the United States.  During this economic downturn, he has already purchased hundreds of properties nationwide.  He is now going to teach you to do the same. 

You are being given a unique opportunity to learn from an expert and participate in this great wealth building period of our history.  As the economy continues to recover, the current foreclosure bargains will be gone forever.  Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!  Register today.

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He believes that there has never been a better time than now to take advantage of the foreclosure market. 

Below are just a few of many examples where Mr. Cullen has made big money in the troubled real estate market.